Garda Lake and Ledro Valley

Garda Lake and Ledro Valley

Lake Garda Trentino and Valle di Ledro: Sports, Lakes, Mountains, Relaxation and a temperate climate all year round

The area of Garda Trentino and the Ledro valley is characterized by a temperate climate (mild even in winter) and by a landscape that in an instant passes from the splendid lakes (Lake Garda and Lake Ledro) to the Trentino mountains (Monte Baldo, 2218 meters above sea level).

If there is a place that can boast the tourist turnout 365 days a year this is Lake Garda. Indeed, thanks to the temperate climate of the lake and the backdrop of the Dolomites that cradle snow lovers, Garda Trentino is an oasis for all seasons. The most popular tourist activities in the area are related to sport: mountain biking, cycling, but above all (as we will see later) windsurfing and sailing, without forgetting pearls of art history such as the church of Santa Maria Assunta, in Baroque style.

The Valle di Ledro is located in southern Trentino, a few km from the Lake Garda, and owes its fame to the homonymous lake that hosts it, where the stilts discovered at the end of the 1920s, dating back to over 4000 years ago, are very famous, many of which are exhibited in the specially founded Museum, open to the public from March to November.
The lake is also a magical place to try your hand at mountain biking, with more than 200 km of path divided between cycle and forest paths.
During these paths, it is also possible to come across Italian trenches dating back to the First World War, as well as numerous tombstones dedicated to the fallen of those years.

From one valley to another, we pass to the Valle dei Laghi which obviously takes its name from the presence of numerous lakes in its territory, from Lake Lamar to that of Toblino, from Lagodi Cavedine to that of Terlago, and almost all of them take the name from the municipality to which they belong. Famous is the wind that blows in this valley, called Ora del Garda.

For lovers of climbing, one cannot forget the famous Zebra Wall, located at the base of Monte Brento, with a height that varies between 100 meters and 400 meters, specially bolted (distance between pegs 4-6 meters) to be able to put routes. of various difficulties. It takes its name from the alternation of the rock, sometimes smooth, sometimes articulated.

From one sport to another: in Torbole, a municipality in the Upper Garda area, there is a paradise for lovers of sailing and windsurfing, thanks to the international importance of the sailing center that is based there, known throughout Europe. Also characteristic is the arrangement of the houses that make up the town, a semicircle month close to the marina.
Also in Torbole, it is very interesting to take a look at the famous Marmitte dei Giganti, huge cavities in the rock, with a diameter of about 5 meters and a depth of over 10 meters, generated by the thaw waters that over the centuries have detached from the glacier. . The name derives from ancient legends, which attributed the authorship of these cavities to giants.

For lovers of good food, instead, more than a typical dish, we point out a typical condiment, or the famous extra virgin olive oil from Garda, whose goodness has guaranteed it the Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOP).

Finally, for folklore enthusiasts, we point out the famous carnival in the city of Arco, one of the major carnivals in Italy, while at Christmas the Garda Trentino area takes on a touch of magic thanks to the typical Christmas markets.

But those described are only a part of the many attractions present. What are the others? We certainly don’t want to ruin anybody’s surprises, Garda Trentino and Valle di Ledro await you.