Bedollo, a municipality of the Piné plateau, develops mainly on the southern slope of the mountain that separates the Piné plateau from the Cembra valley.

Near Trento, Bedollo It is a town full of attractions that rises right in the middle of the area of the Piné plateau. Just a stone’s throw from the town is the Lago delle Piazze, an important tourist attraction in both summer and winter, when its banks are colored white. Not far away there is also the smaller but equally characteristic Lake Buse. La tessa Bedollo attracts many tourists every year, who also come to visit the small church dedicated to Madonna di Piné.

Bedollo, at about 1000 meters above sea level and no more than 20 km away from the city of Trento, is a small town in Trentino Alto Adige, where you can still find houses with particular facades, with characteristic wooden balconies and always flowers. fresh that adorn them.
Staying for a few days in Bedollo means immersing yourself in an atmosphere that is typically alpine.

This village surrounded by mountains has several attractions both inside and in the immediate vicinity. First of all, the church of the Madonna di Piné is certainly the most interesting building in the area, to which the celebrations connected with the patronal feast held in Bedollo every year in May are also closely linked.

Tourists looking for interesting attractions around Bedollo cannot fail to linger on the beautiful lakes. Lake Buse and Lake of the Squares, both located a few kilometers from Bedollo, are in fact two bodies of water of exceptional beauty, surrounded by mountains and interesting both in summer, when on their banks you can lie down to sunbathe, and in winter, when the landscape it becomes unique, completely whitened by the snow.

Those who want to venture out by bicycle can decide, starting from Bedollo, to first reach the Lago delle Piazze and then continue, still pedaling, towards the Serraia Lakes, which are a little further away from Bedollo but can still be reached in about an hour. Now.

Those who are less trained with the bicycle, on the other hand, can choose to stay near the Lago delle Piazze, perhaps taking a tour around it, which is not excluded that it can also be done on foot. Always on foot, along the appropriate paths, you can reach one of the most beautiful naturalistic attractions of the entire Piné Plateau, namely the Cascata del Lupo. To get there, it is advisable to leave directly from Piazze and take into account a couple of hours of walking at a normal pace.

Around Bedollo there are also some equally characteristic inhabited centers that are undoubtedly worth a visit. For example, this is the small hamlet of Brusago, an inhabited center consisting of a small group of houses distributed around the main church, in which an atmosphere of peace and tranquility reigns supreme.