Cembra is a town of just under 2,000 inhabitants in the province of Trento, and gives its name to the valley in which it is located (about 760 meters high near the Avisio stream).

Cembra is the ideal place for those who want to spend their holidays in close contact with unspoiled nature, breathing clean air and practicing numerous sports, within an area that has been able to innovate without losing its traditional Trentino identity.
Families can spend a very pleasant time practicing sporting activities, taking relaxing walks at high altitude and admiring the breathtaking views and glimpses, taking educational trips to the mountain huts and following the various itineraries, by bicycle or on foot.
Even groups of young people can spend pleasant days, relaxing, having fun and enjoying the wonders of the area.
The sports activities that can be practiced in Val di Cembra satisfy all tastes: you can range from paragliding on the lakes, ice skating, Nordic walking, trekking, horseback riding, curling.
Furthermore, it is possible to participate in various food and wine tours, characterized by simple and genuine flavors, typical of the mountain tradition.

The economy is mainly based on agriculture, as can be seen from the terraces on which precious vineyards are cultivated from which Muller Thurgau, Nosiola, Cabernet and Pinot Noir are produced.
The center of the town is characterized by rural districts and noble palaces, in the middle of which is the church of San Pietro, in Gothic style, inside which an ancient wooden triptych and several frescoes are kept.

One of the main natural attractions of the territory of the Cembra Valley are the so-called Earth Pyramids (called Pyramids with the hat by the locals, but known as the Pyramids of Segonzano), a particular geological formation caused by erosion, which gave the rocks a unique shape in the world.

Typical products are chestnuts, strawberries and berries, the many varieties of mushrooms present in the woods. The jams and marmalades of various types, the sweet honey, the cold cuts, the yoghurt and the cheeses are also worth tasting. Products such as honey and jams are ideal for buying and taking home as a souvenir. The typical dishes, on the other hand, in addition to the traditional beloved polenta, are: salmistrada and fumada meat (spiced and smoked); lucanica seca (a particular type of salami), patugo (a vegetable stew), potatoes in tomato sauce; smacafam (dough similar to bread containing pieces of lucanica); salted meat with stewed beans; the potato pie; tortei (a sort of crepe that you can fill as you wish); the yellow flour and milk soup; Tyrolean meatballs; sauerkraut and game. The typical sweets are: the Tyrolean pancakes; zelten (specialty prepared with dried fruit); apple strudel with raisins, pine nuts and cinnamon; a pie prepared with grated carrots, yellow turnips and ground walnuts.