Grumes is a small town in the Val di Cembra with about 500 inhabitants and crossed by the Avisio stream.

The town is divided into several cantons (Gregiòn, Dos, la Riù, Masi and Rella) and the urban center in different districts. The small town is built according to the canons of Trentino mountain architecture, that is to say using narrow dirt roads and with the abundant use of wood both for the structure of the buildings and for the naming systems of the streets.

Grumes is a captivating place for all mountain lovers, offering an enchanting view overlooking the mountains of Pinetano, Vigolana, Bondone and the Giudicariesi Alps.

In the vicinity of the town there is also Lake Vedes, a popular destination for seeking relaxation and contact with nature.

The production of local wines with the Casteller Doc denomination is undoubtedly relevant; they come from the treatment of vitigines such as Schiava, Merlot and Lambrusco with indented leaves.

In the Dos de Castelèt area there is, as the name suggests, a rocky structure dominated by the Castle of Grumes, now surrounded by numerous vines.
The locality is also surrounded by small farms and welcoming huts, which contribute to making the mountain landscape even more fascinating.

Since June 2013, Grumes has also had a 42-seater hostel designed to encourage tourism in the Val di Cembra and surrounding areas.