Sover is a town of just under 900 inhabitants in the province of Trento, at about 830 meters above sea level, near the Avisio stream.

It is located in the Cembra Valley and is characterized by eight hamlets: Facendi, Montalto, Montesover, Piazzoli, Piscine, Settefontane, Slosseri and Sveseri very different from each other. Especially famous for its wood craftsmanship and its historical significance during the Napoleonic wars.

The main hamlets are Sover, Montesover and Piscine. The town is located on the slopes of Mount Vernera, a mountain particularly dear to the locals due to the large stocks of timber, which offers a large number of trails for Trekking, Nordic Walking and Mountain Bike. The large number of routes allows you to always find the right one, in fact there is no shortage of routes for families, ideal for walking even with children. Mount Vernera also joins other peaks of the Lagorai chain, where you can enjoy unforgettable views of the nearby peaks of the Brenta Dolomites.

Definitely worth visiting is the church of S. Lorenzo in Sover, of which we have the first historical traces in 1249, characterized by a Renaissance portal and two characteristic sundials. Inside there are three wooden baroque altars, the most important being a work of the seventeenth century.

In the woods on the edge of the town of Montesover, you can do your best to pick mushrooms and raspberries, which always grow abundantly in season.
Sover is the junction point between the Piné plateau and the Fiemme Valley, undisputed pearls of summer and winter tourism in Trentino.