Trekking of legends

For trekking enthusiasts, one of the best nature trails in the entire Alpine arc is the Trekking delle Leggende.

It takes its name from the numerous myths that have been handed down from generation to generation among the inhabitants of Trentino for centuries.
Trekking delle Leggende was born from the challenge between some friends who decided to look for a single path that could connect the main valleys of Trentino. In 2004, therefore, this path was born, conceived mainly by the leading Italian Nordic walking expert, Pino Dellasega, which immediately aroused great interest among trekking lovers.
Thanks to a ring of more than 200 km of route, this trail crosses the mountains of Trentino from Val di Fassa to Primiero, for a total of 20 stages that involve about 60 hours of walking.

The different stages of the route can be of easy, intermediate or difficult level, with differences in height of up to 1000 meters between start and finish.

Experienced hikers can undertake the route by themselves, obtaining maps and contacting the various shelters present during the route directly to book beds.
For all other hikers it is advisable to book a group or single tour with a mountain guide, who will be able to choose the less demanding routes or make immediate decisions in case of difficulty along the way.
There are many associations in the sector that propose itineraries of one, two or three days to discover the natural wonders of the region.

The main stages of the Trekking delle Legende can be divided into 3 routes:

  • 1. Val di Fassa
  • 2. Val di Fiemme
  • 3. Val Primiero/San Martino di Castrozza

There are few who choose to walk the inner ring, most of the hikers make one route at a time, to be able to travel it with less tight times and fully enjoy the views and nature along the way.

Let’s discover the diversity of the three itineraries together.

1. Trekking of the Legends in Val di Fassa

The part of the ring that runs through the Val di Fassa can be covered in about 6 stages that can be done day by day or as a single tour, sleeping in the numerous refuges along the route.
One of the main features of this route is the Enrosadira phenomenon, a particular pink / red color that illuminates the Dolomites mountains and the sky at sunset.
The starting and arrival / restart points of each stage are:
San Pellegrino Pass (Fuciade Refuge) – Alba di Canazei (Contrin Refuge) – Fedaia Pass (Marmolada E. Castiglioni Refuge) – Campitello di Fassa (Col Rodella) – Antermoia Refuge – Gardeccia Refuge – Costalunga Pass

2. Trekking of the Legends in Val di Fiemme

The Val di Fiemme sector of the Trekking delle Leggende is in turn divided into two parts for a total of seven routes.

The most important route is also called Giro del Lagorai and is recommended only for expert hikers.
In this part of the route it is possible to admire the typical alpine environment up close, characterized by the presence of numerous lakes with crystal clear waters and majestic peaks that rise into the sky.
Mountaineers can climb the main mountains along the path: Monte Cauriol (2494 m) and Cima di Bragarolo (2565 m).
The recommended stops are 4 but two nights are planned in tents in order to reach a higher altitude.
The starting and arrival / restart points of each stage are:
Passo Manghen – Forcella Lagorai (night in a tent) – Rifugio Cauriol – Forcella di Valmaggiore (night in a tent) – Malga Rolle

The second part of the trek in Val di Fiemme runs through the Latemar massif and can also be covered in daily stages suitable for non-expert hikers.

3. Trekking of legends in Val Primiero / San Martino di Castrozza

This stretch of the Trekking delle Legende is also called Palaronda as it allows you to reach the spectacular Pale di San Martino through a 4 or 5 day tour.
It is perhaps the most suggestive part of the entire ring of the route, which allows you to admire the Dolomites with a 360 ° panorama and reach the base of the Fradusta Glacier.
For non-experts, the presence of a guide is essential and the final climb to the Peaks is not recommended as it can hide dangerous pitfalls.
The starting and arrival / restart points of each stage are:
San Martino di Castrozza – Rosetta Refuge – Pradidali Refuge – Canali Treviso Refuge – Rosetta Refuge – San Martino di Castrozza