Cles, the capital of the Val di Non

Cles, a town of almost 7,000 inhabitants located on a plateau from which it dominates the Brenta Dolomites, is the capital of the Val di Non and one of the most important industrial, commercial and fruit-bearing centers of the Trentino region.

Its strategic position of Cles, at just over 600 meters above sea level on the west bank of the Lake Santa Giustina, very close to the Val di Sole, makes it one of the most visited and loved centers by tourists, who go there not only in the winter season, but throughout the year.

Thanks to the proximity of the Dolomites and the modern equipment in the ski areas, Cles is the ideal place to practice winter sports, to keep fit while having fun. Among the most practiced sports are skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and excursions on the snow with snowshoes.
Even in the other seasons, the heart of the Val di Non allows you to practice sports breathing clean air surrounded by unspoiled nature. The choice is vast, starting from golf, passing through rafting, paragliding, surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving in Lake Garda, paragliding, horse riding and golf.

To complete the care of your body, perhaps relaxing after an intense sporting activity, you can visit the numerous wellness centers, which make use of the numerous thermal springs in the area, to guarantee their customers the highest quality specialized and aesthetic treatments.

To fully enjoy the surrounding nature, you can take numerous excursions to enjoy the wonderful mountain views, the numerous lakes of Trentino and the natural parks, where rare animal species live. Without forgetting, of course, the beautiful orchards where you can taste the best apples in Italy.

Walking through the paths of Trentino it is easy to come across its numerous castles, located in strategic positions. Although some of them are currently inhabited, it is possible to visit some parts. Others, however, are open to the public and host museums and art exhibitions of various kinds. In Cles there is a castle inside which you can admire numerous sixteenth-century frescoes attributed to the local artist Marcello Fogolino, which portray allegorical scenes and heraldic motifs. We recommend a visit to the residential buildings, which overlook the internal courtyard and are surrounded by a second wall.

Going on vacation to discover the territory also means immersing yourself in the culture of the place, which is also and above all reflected in the typical traditional dishes. At Cles you can choose between eating in a typical hut, where the dishes are cooked using only local products, in most cases self-produced, Alternatively you can decide to eat in two taverns, one located in an ancient noble palace with a large green garden, and the other that offers only local cuisine products.

Shopping lovers will be able to satisfy their desire to shop by visiting the markets of typical products, the antiques market, the specialist fairs, the shops where you can find typical local products and the numerous boutiques.