Rumo is a town of about eight hundred and fifty inhabitants located in the northern part of the Val di Non, in the province of Trento.

It is a very ancient village, rich in historical testimonies that tell of a glorious past, such as the votive capitals built on the occasion of the seventeenth-century plague, but also a recent history, such as the paintings in private homes. There are numerous sports activities that can be practiced throughout the year.
Rumo is a relatively isolated town in the Val di Non, which differs from other villages thanks to its particular architecture, characterized by buildings with ancient portals decorated with coats of arms and frescoes.
Behind the town of Rumo is the Maddalene mountain range, immersed in a nature that has remained uncontaminated.

The most popular sports activities in the Rumo area are skiing, in its alpine and hiking variants, walking with snowshoes (snowshoes), trekking and hiking.
During the autumn you can take long walks in the woods in search of the many varieties of mushrooms that grow there.
To relax, you can take long walks in the countryside, breathing clean air.
Those who want to take care of their body and be pampered with massages and treatments can take advantage of the specialized wellness centers, to experience regenerating moments of intense relaxation.

Rumo is the ideal place for families who want to have fun and practice sporting activities together, or go on excursions to discover historical testimonies and suggestive landscapes, but also for groups of seniors who wish to relax and rejuvenate being in contact with nature and breathing a healthy air.
Young people, on the other hand, can indulge themselves by practicing various sports activities and discovering the area surrounding the town.

Visiting a place means not only admiring its beauties or engaging in sports activities, but also getting to know its culture by appreciating the flavors of its typical traditional dishes, which in this case are prepared exclusively with the products of the area, and manage to maintain the genuine flavors of past. As a first course, the yellow polenta, served alone or topped with game; sausage browned in wine; the tasty speck and the various handcrafted cold cuts; aged cheeses; the various types of mushrooms from the woods of the area; apple strudel with cinnamon flavor; the zelten, a dessert that is prepared at Christmas time, based on dried fruit and candied fruit.
We cannot fail to taste also the jams, marmalades and honey produced organically, which can be purchased, perhaps to be taken home as souvenirs, in the shops that are located in the town or in the markets that are organized in weekly.

During the events and festivals dedicated to gastronomy it is possible to follow the preparation of the various delicacies of Trentino, and then try to cook them at home to remember the flavors and emotions of the holiday just spent in a place that remains in the heart.