Town of about 2500 inhabitants located in Val di Non, famous for its proximity to Lake Tovel and for fruit crops.

Tuenno, in the Adamello-Brenta park, is one of the oldest villages in the area: the settlement can in fact be traced back to prehistoric times. Recently the place has undergone a notable revival following the appreciated cultivation of fruit trees, and this has led to the construction of more modern houses next to the classic rural buildings of the valley.

Tuenno is in fact one of the major agricultural centers of the whole Anaunia, by virtue of breeding, the production of dairy products, the cultivation of fruit trees and tourism.

The inhabited center is also located in the beautiful Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, an inexhaustible source of adventures in close contact with nature and the only place where the alpine brown bear resides.

Especially popular with tourists is the neighbor Lake Tovel, called “bear lake” (due to the presence of some brown bears in the nearby valley) or “red lake” due to the particular color that the water took in in July, August and September until 1964. due to the action of a specific alga.

In Tuenno, the Tuenno-Lago di Tovel time trial is also organized annually, which in the last edition saw more than 150 participating athletes present.