Malè is a small village in the Val di Sole located in an area full of attractions for tourists, with spas, ski slopes, parks, lakes and many characteristic villages to visit.

An ideal holiday location for groups of friends and families with children, Malè offers many opportunities for recreation both in winter and in summer, not to mention the possibility of dedicating oneself to art and culture among the important churches, such as the parish of Assunta, and the museums, such as that of the Solandra Civilization. Local craftsmanship is also characteristic, which has always been based on the processing of wood, ceramics and iron.

In Malè you can go on vacation for a whole week or spend a few days passing by. In any case, it will be possible to find out how this location is well equipped for welcoming tourists.
The facilities available to stay are really numerous and you are literally spoiled for choice. You can therefore decide to opt for the classic hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses, or go to a more characteristic structure.
In this case, the Val di Sole in general and the surroundings of Malè in particular, provide the most demanding tourists with splendid shelters, typical of the high mountain resorts of the Dolomites.
In these structures you can find hospitality, for example, after a long day dedicated to trekking or mountain biking, when you are looking for a place where you can eat something and rest while waiting to leave the next morning.
In winter, then, when the main activity around Malè is skiing, staying in a refuge, even better if at high altitude, is the ideal solution to optimize times and find yourself directly near the slopes, ready to have fun on the slopes. ski.

But Male is not just sport. In fact, the cultural traditions of the place have a long history behind them and history and art lovers cannot fail to visit some of the most beautiful attractions in the country. First of all, for example, there is the characteristic parish of the Assumption, a church that dates back to the Renaissance period but which has a much longer history of reconstructions starting from an older building. Then there are the museums, such as that of the Solandra civilization. It is a very special museum, whose exhibition focuses on the work of the farmers and artisans of the valley. In fact, various tools used by artisans, carpenters, shoemakers and farmers are on display.
After all, in Malè craftsmanship plays a leading role and there are several shops dedicated to wood sculptures, antiques and ceramics. Entering one of these shops it is not difficult to find objects of your own interest to take back home, perhaps as a souvenir to give to friends.

In short, a stay in Malè is an experience to be fully lived in all its aspects. The opportunities offered by this location are so many that you certainly don’t run the risk of getting bored. Even the laziest have nothing to fear, because there are numerous facilities where you can dedicate yourself to total wellness and relaxation, including spas, beauty centers and water centers.