Small town in the Val di Sole which has about 1400 inhabitants.

Specifically, Rabbi is located in a side valley adjacent to the Val di Sole, which takes the name of Val di Rabbi, and is located just under ten kilometers from the center of Malè.

The Valle di Rabbi is particularly suggestive due to the little impact man had in its development: in it it is in fact possible to find houses and inhabited groups with a long history and little touched by modern evolution.

The town center is located in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, and this gives it an unparalleled naturalistic beauty. The Rabbies stream crosses the valley for about 12 kilometers, touching the town of Rabbi Fonti where an important spa is located. The latter is in fact endowed with ferruginous waters with highly beneficial properties, and has been known since ancient times as a destination for visits by the Austrian ruling family of the past century.

In addition to the thermal baths, the town of Rabbi has one free cross-country ski track, very popular during the winter months, as well as the visitor center of the Stelvio National Park, through which it will be possible to obtain all the information necessary to carry out your visit to the magnificent district of the Valley.