Valli Giudicarie and Valle del Chiese

Valli Giudicarie and Valle del Chiese

Suitable for a family holiday, for a sporting holiday or for those who love contact with nature.

Pastures, woods and enchanting stretches of water make the Giudicarie Valleys and the Valle del Chiese perfect for lovers of nature and outdoor sports.
All those looking for physical well-being and at the same time a relaxing place will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of these valleys, without however renouncing the pleasures of local food and wine.
Located in western Trentino and wedged between the Adamello-Brenta mountains and the lakes of Ledro and Garda, the Giudicarie valleys do not belong to the most famous tourist routes in the Dolomite area, but for this very reason they maintain the charm of a still intact nature.

The Giudicarie are the most suitable environment for family holidays and for all those who love a close contact with nature.

The peace and serenity of this place still untouched by mass tourism, help to achieve the right concentration, becoming a natural gym for all those sports groups that require optimal athletic training.

The Valle del Chiese, a typical alpine valley where the solemnity of the mountains frames the lakes and the river that runs through it, is the gateway to the most famous ski resorts such as Madonna di Campiglio and is the gateway to the Park Natural area of Adamello-Brenta.

The best-known tourist center is Tione, a town located in the basin of the same name and situated on the slopes of Mount Gaggio, from which all excursions and trips to the valleys and to the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park can be organized.
The Bolbeno ski resort, despite being located at only 600m above sea level, guarantees snow-covered slopes with its 18 snow cannons.
Bolbenolandia is the most suitable supervised ski area to take the first steps on skis in total safety and the two treadmills (belt conveyor belts) help to get a first approach.
So the ski courses for children make it a winter playground to learn to ski while having fun, in full compliance with safety regulations and the surrounding nature.
Ski mountaineering and excursions carried out with snowshoes complete the winter tourist picture.

In summer, climbing, trekking and challenging excursions suitable for lovers of the genre are organized.

The Ecomuseum of the Giudicarie
The ecomuseum is a cultural project that focuses on the preservation of the historical and natural heritage of this area, a museum that unlike the others is not delimited by a building, but which extends into the middle of nature.
The Ecomuseum project, which includes fourteen municipalities bordered by the Sella di Bondo and Lake Idro, was born following the idea of safeguarding the environmental heritage which includes the historical, cultural and artistic aspects of the valley.
The ecomuseum offers three routes that wind through nature admiring the deep blue depths of Lake Idro, on which it is possible to practice windsurfing, canoeing and sailing, passing through paths that can be traveled on foot that lead to the Valle di Daone, known for its waterfalls which in winter become a paradise for ice climbing enthusiasts.

In the Giudicarei and Chiese Valleys it is possible to retrace the past by re-evaluating it through the knowledge of the arts, the most ancient crafts, forts and castles, as well as the food and wine tastings that make polenta (a typical dish of the area produced with the yellow flour of Storo) a peculiarity absolutely to be tasted.