Pergine Valsugana

Pergine Valsugana

Pergine Valsugana is the third most populated municipality in the province of Trento and is the capital of the Alta Valsugana.

It is a very active Renaissance center, which offers many possibilities on the commercial and tourist fields and which embodies the ideal starting point for trips and excursions in the surrounding area. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of practicing various sporting activities, not only in winter but also during the spring and summer season.
Pergine Valsugana is the ideal destination for those who want to spend their holidays relaxing in contact with nature, practicing sports, tasting typical products and participating in unique and innovative artistic events.

What characterizes the town of Pergine Valsugana is the historic center of Renaissance style, full of patrician houses and beautiful fountains, dominated by the castle of medieval origin which embodies, despite the period in which it was built, an example of military architecture in gothic style. Inside the castle there is a restaurant where you can spend a pleasant evening admiring the panorama of Alta Valsugana and Pergine under the starry sky.

There are some legends concerning the castle of Pergine, including the presence of the ghost of a white lady, who was violently killed inside the rooms, where she would still circulate today without being able to find peace. In addition there is the so-called drop room, where an ancient torture was inflicted on those who remained imprisoned, which involves the fall of a drop of water from above on the skull.

From Pergine Valsugana you can leave for trips and excursions in the surrounding area, in contact with nature. Around the town there are meadows and hills, and extensive crops of small fruits, such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and berries. In the vicinity there are also several lakes, on the shores of which you can go for walks and cheerful picnics.

Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the sports equipment rental centers and the swimming pools and aquatic centers. Furthermore, it is possible to practice mountain biking, road cycling, trekking and golf. The dragon boat, an ancient form of Chinese boat, has also entered the local sport for some time.

Lovers of good food and traditional flavors, characterized by natural ingredients and genuine flavors, can find many proposals in Pergine Valsugana. The choice varies between farmhouses, traditional restaurants, mountain huts, wine bars and eco-restaurants.

Being a particularly active municipality, Pergine Valsugana organizes festivals, events and demonstrations throughout the year. For example, in the Easter period an event called Pasquissima is held every year at the Tre Castagni park, where the arrival of spring and the flowering of plants are also celebrated. The Pergine Spettacolo Aperto event remains, after so many years that it is still organized today, one of the most innovative exhibitions, as it manages to give space to the various forms of art, both visual and graphic, emphasizing that diversity should be considered a value.