Roncegno Terme

Roncegno Terme is a town of 2800 inhabitants located in the Valsugana and located at 535 meters above sea level.

The favorable geographical position of the place and the enchanting environment in which it is located favors sporting activities as well as the care and well-being of the body.
As evidence of this, there are many football teams, both Italian and foreign, who opt for Roncegno Terme as the venue for their retreats. The sporting importance of the place is also underlined by the fact that the town is home to numerous national and international sporting events and initiatives, such as archery, tennis and orienteering.

Roncegno Terme is also characterized by a great variation in altitude: its valley floor is in fact located at 392 meters above sea level, while 2381 meters are reached with the Gronlait.

From the surrounding high altitude areas it is possible to reach the wild mountain massif of Lagorai through fascinating hiking and trekking routes, mountain biking or even it is possible to follow them on horseback.

The neighboring mountainous area is also full of farms (typical Trentino rural buildings), the majority of which are still inhabited, which contribute to embellishing the enchanting spectacle offered by the surrounding nature.

The Roncegno spas allow different types of therapy for the care of one’s health, such as balneotherapy, mud therapy and aerosol therapy; all treatments are carried out using the water coming from the source of Vitriol, rich in arsenic and iron.