Baths of Garniga

The inhabited center of Garniga Terme is located at about 800 meters above sea level, on the east side of Monte Bondone and not far from the cities of Trento and Rovereto.

Due to its sunny position as well as the particular mountain air, the town has over time become a destination for tourists eager to rediscover relaxation, psycho-physical health and contact with the beautiful surrounding nature.

The thermal practices of the Terme di Garniga arise from the traditions of mountain farmers, offering absolutely special and unique treatments: above all, the phytobalneotherapy, or the “grass bath”.

Born from an evolution of the ancient “hay baths” practiced by the rural population, the practice has recently received the approval of the entire scientific community, through the investigation conducted in particular by the Viote Alpine Ecology Center and by general medical research -scientific which it has always been the subject of.

The phytobalneotherapy involves the use of fresh cut alpine herbs, taken from the vast meadows of Monte Bondone, whose native flora includes a great variety of plants and flowers that can be used in a curative way.
In fact, there are various types of officinal vegetation such as gentian, mountain arnica, hypericum, thyme, alpine dandelion, carlina and pulsatilla.

The main applications of phytobalneotherapy are in the area of pain and stiffness of both bone and muscle or joint type.
In particular, the therapy aims to cure:

1. primary and secondary osteoporosis;
2. arthropathies;
3. lumbar pain;
4. low back sciatica;
5. carpal tunnel syndrome;
6. muscle spasms of various kinds, as well as joint stiffness and post-traumatic pain;
7. both general and localized rheumatism.

The historic Baths of Garniga are currently closed and are preparing for a complete restyling of the structure which will be completed in 2014. The provincial council has in fact authorized the company “Patrimonio del Trentino” to carry out the necessary economic interventions on the plant unfortunately closed since 2011 due to the high liabilities in which the company managing the plant paid.