Levico Terme Christmas Markets

As every year, the usual festive appointment returns with the Christmas market in the town of Levico Terme.
Located in the beating heart of Trentino, the ancient centuries-old Habsburg Park will offer its fairytale atmosphere to host one of the most anticipated winter events in the whole area.

The Levico Terme market is renowned for its beauty, typicality and cheerfulness. The unique scenery in which the enchanting houses are located will combine with the characteristic scent of local food and drinks.
Gastronomy, craftsmanship and a lot of magic come together to create an absolutely unforgettable event. From local flavors such as the famous mulled wine or the delicious polenta prepared with the heavy copper cauldron of the “polentari” experts, we move on to the typical handicraft products created by local traders, much appreciated both as souvenirs and as gift ideas.

The entire park and its magnificent centuries-old trees will be made available to visitors, who will be able to enjoy the magic of Christmas through spectacular carriage rides, trips by train or simple walks along the streets of the village.

The Levico Terme Christmas Market is truly a place suitable for young and old.
In fact, the sweet farm animals will also be present for the joy of the whole family; It will also be possible to meet Santa Claus (who is personally responsible for receiving the children’s letters) or to go into the Wood of the Elves to admire the assiduous work of the small inhabitants of the forest.

Among the main events of the market, not to be missed will be the children’s parade on the occasion of the “Strozegada di Santa Lucia” on 12 December; at the end of the event, the children will let hundreds of colored balloons fly to the sky with letters requesting gifts.

But the show doesn’t end there.
In fact, it will be possible to go to the center of the beautiful village of Levico Terme to be able to discover the small medieval streets, the squares and the suggestive Christmas atmosphere. The atmosphere will be even more magical with the presence of the “Presepe vizin a cà”, as well as over one hundred nativity scenes made from local and national handicraft resources housed in a fascinating exhibition created exclusively for the occasion.