Ice Falls in Trentino

Ice climbing is one of the most interesting alternatives to rock climbing in the winter.

The discipline of ice climbing involves the ascent of spectacular ice falls whose climbing is carried out, as well as using normal mountaineering equipment, through the use of specific tools such as special ice axes and crampons.

Ice climbing is a specialty that is as fascinating as it is difficult. In fact, it requires not only adequate physical preparation, but also an excellent knowledge of the types of ice, since the latter undergoes considerable variations due to changes in weather conditions.

Given these premises, it is completely physiological that icefalls change from year to year: melting in the spring and reforming themselves in the winter, they change in shape and curvature, making the challenge of climbing always different and exciting.
Alongside the natural waterfalls there is also the possibility of taking advantage of artificial waterfalls and, for some years, of dry toolin, mixed rock and ice climbing.

There are numerous areas of the Trentino Dolomites where it is possible to practice ice climbing:

1. Particularly popular are the “Regina del Lago” waterfalls and the various natural waterfalls of Val Daone, whose crystal walls are one of the greatest attractions in the valley;
2. The ice falls of Valsugana;
3. The San Martino di Castrozza waterfalls At Imer in Val Noana;
4. The icefall Cassiopeo in Val Lasties, in the Val di Fassa;