Skiing and ice climbing in the Giudicarie and Chiese valleys

Ski-mountaineering, snowshoeing, ice-climbing but above all a lot of skiing, both alpine and cross-country, are what the Giudicare Valleys have to offer to lovers of winter sports.

The Giudicarie Valleys are composed of a complex of plains at the foot of the famous Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, and constitute one of the ideal areas to enjoy the winter in a comfortable and relaxed environment, as well as characterized by a delicious gastronomic tradition.

The reference station for alpine skiing is Bolbeno, located near Tione, in the central area of the valley, which is equipped with a track and a ski lift particularly suitable for both beginners and training courses.
The track is equipped with an artificial snow system consisting of as many as 14 snow guns.
For cross-country skiing, on the other hand, the reference track is the 5 km of the Raggio di Luna di Bondo track, located in the Valle del Chiese and open both day and night thanks to artificial lighting.
Also in Bolbeno, for the little ones there is the Bolbenolandia winter playground, also equipped with a school field.

Thanks to its unique natural features, the area offers a wide range of itineraries of varying difficulty for ski-mountaineering and snowshoeing.

In the Giudicarie Valleys it will also be possible to practice the exciting sport of ice climbing thanks to the abundance of frozen waterfalls in the Daone Valley. More than 130 crystal walls, in fact, are formed in this valley and become a real gymnasium as well as the venue for spectacular sports competitions, including international ones.