Horse trail of Trentino

The East Trentino horse trail consists of a network of trails that can be traveled over 400 km long, consisting of 15 stages equipped with special stopping points.

With its great covered distance, the Trentino horse trail represents one of the largest and most spectacular in Europe; for most of its route, in fact, the horse trail runs along the Lagorai mountains and crosses the whole of eastern Trentino.

The Lagorai is a naturalistic spectacular area, and the numerous routes of the horse trail allow you to fully enjoy its beauty: from the high peaks of the mountains to the large woods, passing through the numerous and enchanting plateaus. In fact, 66% of the route is on agroforestry roads, while 20% on asphalted roads with side quays and only a small part (about 14%) on safe mountain paths.

The Trentino horse trail has a main route with an annular structure which is accompanied by numerous secondary and alternative itineraries, which allow you to appreciate the scenic beauties offered by the Dolomiti, Primiero district, from Valsugana and above all from the magnificent Vigolana plateau, an area appreciated by all lovers of horse riding and equipped with paths with channels, through which the horse ride is made even safer.

Along the horse trail it is not only possible to undertake an enchanting route from a landscape point of view, but also to take advantage of services specially provided to lovers of equestrian activity such as equestrian centers, hotels, refuges, mountain huts and bed & breakfasts equipped with all comforts and facilities. assistance needed by those who travel a long way on horseback. Furthermore, the subdivision into different stages further facilitates the journey, thanks to the special stalls for horses made available to the bridleway.

A special Information and Booking Center is also available to provide assistance and information to interested parties. Through the advice of competent staff it will be possible to plan your route, as well as book services ranging from overnight accommodation to luggage transfer, passing through the assistance of specialized guides.

The whole route of the horse trail is adequately controlled, marked and secured at the points where this operation was necessary.
However, given the presence of some high mountain paths, it is advisable to pay close attention, in particular when getting off the horse during very steep descents and maintaining adequate safety distances with other horses. It is also recommended to stay on the marked paths, avoiding going through fields or meadows running the risk of causing damage to third parties.
Furthermore, since the paths of the bridleway are not only traveled by horses, it is advisable to control your running speed in order to avoid injuries to pedestrians.