Peler (wind)

The Peler is one of the winds that characterize Lake Garda. Its importance is linked to the possibility of practicing sports and water activities at constant times.

The winds of Lake Garda: the Peler

The two dominant and opposite winds of the lake are the Ora and the Peler. TheOra is a wind that blows every afternoon from the south while the Peler blows from the north and is therefore a north wind.
The two winds pass at different times along the entire longitudinal axis of the lake, from Riva del Garda to Sirmione. The formation of the Peler is linked to the geographic conformation and to the thermal shock. The lake is in fact surrounded by the mountains of Trentino resulting in cold air at high altitude. The cold air descends towards the bottom of the lake where it turns into wind thanks to the thermal shock. If the temperature difference is associated with a clear and clear sky that leaves the sun the possibility of further heating the air, the wind is boosted in speed. Due to these characteristics, the Peler wind generally blows from midnight to late morning but if the temperature and pressure conditions occur – perhaps due to a storm – it can also occur at other times of the day. It blows in a diversified way in the various areas of the lake also because it loses power becoming calmer along its path. More tumultuous and less predictable in the northernmost area immediately below the Trentino mountains, it appears more constant and predictable in the coasts a little further south. It seems that the strange name Peler comes from the fact that it creates waves on the lake and then breaks its crest with force “peeling” them.

Water sports and the Peler

Lake Garda is predisposed to water sports due to the particular climatic conditions as well as for its scenic beauty. The presence of the Peler is essential for those who practice wind-surf and on the lake there is a tourism dedicated to wind-surfing, kite-surfing and other water sports. The intensity of the wind is generally between 20 and 30 knots and the difference in speed – connected to the different days but also to the different point of Lake Garda where the activity is practiced – allows you to practice different styles. The meeting places are in Castelletto di Brenzone, Desenzano, Malcesine, PrĂ  and Toscolano Maderno. The choice obviously depends on the weather conditions and your skill because in every place the wind blows differently. But it’s not just about going out or training with friends who are passionate about the same sport. On Lake Garda, competitions are also held at an international level which increase the tourist induced in the area. In the morning even sailing boats juggle under the force of the Peler, especially in the Brenzone winter championship held between January and February.

Not only Peler

In addition to the Peler and the aforementioned Ora, in other areas of the lake there are other more localized winds. Ander, Boaren, Fasanella, Vinessa and Visentina are the five winds that blow mainly in the southern part of the lake. All the local winds – and among these also the Peler – are identified with several dialectal names attributed to them in the different areas of the lake. Thus the Peler becomes Sover, Sauar, or Soar, terms that indicate the provenance from the top of the mountains as well as from the north.