Sentiero delle Regole

Thanks to the Sentiero delle Regole, it is possible to visit the town of Brentonico in a guided and safe way, a charming town located in southern Trentino.
It crosses secondary roads and easy-to-follow paths, passing through many splendid villages.

It can be covered in a few hours, but it is advisable to take a whole day to visit both Bentronico and the various places crossed.

The path develops in a ring and has the town of Brentonico as its starting point and final destination.
The route, winding along enchanting places such as fields and vineyards, as well as breathtaking views along the Alps of the Plateau, gives a unique opportunity to visit the area.

The Sentiero delle Regole receives its name from the term used to indicate the ancient villages located in the Plateau, precisely rules, and which in the past constituted what has been defined as the “magnificent community” of Brentonico.
The route retraces the roads that were previously used to connect the different “rules” in a safer way; streets that, starting from the medieval period, were equipped with structures such as fountains and capitals.

The complete route, which can be done either on foot or by public transport, includes eleven stages along the entire plateau; it is however possible to follow a shorter itinerary reaching only the main places of the path. The same town of Brentonico is the object of a visit in its five districts of medieval origin, namely: Fontana, Fontechel, Lera, Vigo and that of Brentonico, which gives its name to the town.

The Sentiero delle Regole also allows the visit of other localities such as Crosano, developed along the Dosso Resolè-Pozze, Cazzano, built along the Soma stream, and the jewel of the route: the suggestive Pont del Diaol, a deep gorge that the Soma stream has dug into the earth over the course of many centuries and surmountable thanks to a fine stone bridge.

Should you have to tread the Sentiero delle Regole in autumn, don’t miss the Castione chestnut festival, whose chestnuts are made famous by their delicacy throughout Trentino!

The Pont del Diaol, a suggestive and deep gorge that over the centuries was created by the Sorna stream, and which is crossed by a stone bridge called Ponte del Diaol (Devil’s bridge).