Trekking of history

The trekking of history is an interesting route dedicated to lovers of tourism that is not limited to naturalistic beauties, but which is also dedicated to the search for a content of value and cultural interest.

The itinerary develops through Mount Altissimo, Pasubio, Rovereto and Vallarsa, the Plateaus of Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna, the lakes of Levico, Caldonazzo and the Alta Valsugana until it reaches the beautiful and wild lands of the mountainous complex of Lagorai.

The places, so different in culture and morphology, are however connected by a single path that is based on the common thread woven by their history.

The trekking route is designed to meet the needs of every tourist, offering services ranging from mountain guides to packet lunches, overnight stays and luggage transport. Special attention is paid to hiking lovers, as the stay is reserved in certain selected structures in which it will be possible to obtain dedicated services, such as an early breakfast at 6 am (in order to allow early departures without having to give up. to your meal) and the inviting platters of local cold cuts and cheeses, in order to offer a real tasting of typical products well appreciated by travel lovers.
At these facilities it will also be possible to request material and information necessary to carry out their hiking trails in safety and awareness.

The itinerary touches three different areas:

1. that of Rovereto and Vallagarina;
2. that of Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna;
3. and finally the Valsugana and the Lagorai.

In the first, the cultural itinerary finds wide expression in the visit of castles, museums, ancient palaces and historical centers of medieval character which constitute a very important trace of the origin of Trentino.
Typical of the place is also the wide food and wine offer, which boasts high quality products such as Marzemino and Trento DOC.

The area of Folgaria, Lavarone and Lusera is instead located in the south-eastern part of Trentino, and corresponds to 105 square kilometers of territory enclosed between the Brenta and Adige rivers.
The Alpine peaks, rich in forests, pastures and landscapes, meet the history of the German colonization of the place and with the traces of numerous battles fought during the First World War; it was precisely this conflict that left the deepest and most painful signs that the trekking route allows to discover.

Valsugana offers wonderful spectacles thanks to its lakes, streams and rivers. From Caldonazzo to Levico, from the thermal springs to the Adige, the area is very rich in attractions that are not limited to the lakes, but which also include mountain peaks, woods, small villages and fortresses from the Great War.

The trekking of history allows you to get the best out of these beautiful areas, promoting a tourism rich in awareness and love for the territory.