Windsurf in trentino

Windsurfing is a sailing sport, practiced in both fresh and salt water.
In Trentino we have two “spots”, or points that are particularly suitable for windsurfing activities due to the particularity and continuity of the winds: 1) Lake Garda

On Lake Garda, between the beaches of Torbole and Riva del Garda, thousands of fans of this exciting sport meet every year from April to October. In fact, part of the upper Garda tourism arrives precisely to practice this discipline, in fact there is no shortage of schools to learn Windsurfing, with courses suitable for both beginners and the more experienced who want to perfect their technique. In a weekend you can take the basic course for beginners which takes place over two mornings. This type of course will allow you to acquire the necessary balance and the basics of gait, tack and jibe.

Lake Garda lends itself well to learning, because the winds are almost a guarantee: in the morning the Pelèr blows from north to south with a gentle constancy, the lake does not ripple and allows for a better balance. Around noon the wind changes and the hour of Garda arrives, a wind from the south, of greater intensity, suitable for the more experienced who, on the waves of the lake, will be able to perform spectacular tricks and evolutions.

2) the lago di Caldonazzo

Due to the lower intensity and constancy of the wind, it is considered a minor “spot” but where windsurfing is still practiced. It is the Caldonazzo lake, famous both for water sports, such as windsurfing, and for its beaches.