Terme di Levico and Vetriolo

The spas of Levico and Vetriolo have long been one of the most popular spas in Italy and Europe.

The town of Levico has about 7500 inhabitants, and is located at the highest point of the Valsugana valley floor.
The spas are located between the center of Levico and that of Vetriolo, located at 1500 meters above sea level, surrounded by the beautiful lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo, as well as by the Lagorai mountain massif.
In the middle of the alpine landscape, the pleasant climate and the exceptional quality of the water have made the Terme di Levico an ideal place for taking care of your well-being.

The thermal waters of Levico are of two types: Acqua Forte and Acqua Debole, both ferruginous but only the first used for therapeutic purposes.

The properties of the Acqua Forte di Levico have been known for several hundred years.
It was in fact already in the Middle Ages that the particular beneficial qualities of water were discovered, but only in 1860, through the construction of a special aqueduct that connected Vetriolo and Levico, did the real development of the city begin from a thermal point of view; an expansion that attracted important personalities from all over Europe, first of all the members of the House of Habsburg.

The thermal water of Levico is a meteoric water that flows at an altitude of over 1500 meters directly from the Dolomites, along unknown roads and passing through numerous underground metal deposits.

Characterized by an acid PH and an origin temperature of 9 ° C, the water is sulphate-arsenical-ferruginous.
This means that, with its high quantities of iron and arsenic, it exerts an antioxidant action on the body, causing a sedative result of the nervous system and causing a high level of well-being in those who undergo treatments.

Among the other main therapeutic qualities, Acqua Forte has a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory action, as well as a stimulating action on the epithelial cells and a trophic action on the mucous membranes; other benefits are muscle relaxation and general stabilization of mood.

The healing properties of the thermal waters are many, as well as their purposes: from the treatment and prevention of respiratory problems such as sinusitis, laryngitis and bronchitis, we move on to the treatment of pathologies inherent to the locomotor system, as well as anxious syndromes such as neurasthenia and neurosis.

The treatments carried out are many, including inhalation treatments (such as aerosols, inhalations, micronized nasal showers, sonic aerosols, ionic aerosols, nasal irrigations, lung ventilation), mud balneotherapy, thermal baths and whirlpools (Balneotherapy and thermal hydro-massages) as well as musculoskeletal massage therapy for motor rehabilitation.
In addition to the more classic massages, massage physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, shiatsu, water gymnastics, Aquawalk and postural pilates.

The Levico thermal baths are open from April 26th to the beginning of November, while those of Vetriolo, closer to the source, from the end of June to the beginning of September.