Lake Garda

Lake Garda

All the beautiful places around Lake Garda have always enchanted tourists. Even at the time of the Romans, the area was a luxury summer destination and in Sirmione and Desenzano you can in fact visit the ruins and mosaics that testify to their presence.
Tourists who want to visit Trentino cannot miss Lake Garda which is located in the north-eastern part of Italy, and is divided between Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino. It is the largest of the Italian lakes, with an area of about 370 square km.

The large lake is very long and stretches from north to south, similar to a Norwegian fjord with the northern end surrounded by high mountains and cliffs.

Most of the cities are very popular today as holiday resorts, but they differ in both structural and landscape character and all are well connected by ferry services.

Sirmione is on the southern shore of Lake Garda, a pretty town near the end of a long promontory and is characterized by the presence of a castle with a moat and the Rocca Scaligera. Sirmione has typically medieval narrow streets with lots of color and life, the small town is a very popular tourist destination and is overcrowded in the summer months. The setting of the town truly beautiful, and was even praised by the Latin poet Catullus.

Desenzano is an easily accessible location thanks to its proximity to Brescia airport or by train from any part of Italy. It is also easy to take a bus to Verona for a day trip. The connections by “sea” with the other areas of Lake Garda are good, even if the path that leads to Riva del Garda is quite long, therefore, to the extreme north of the lake. Desenzano, however, is not a minor center compared to the other locations on the lake, on the contrary it has areas of modern development such as its port, attractive streets and the castle on top of the hill (for outdoor concerts in summer) where you can enjoy a beautiful lake view. In Desenzano in the evening it is possible to go for walks with the possibility of dining in good restaurants, shopping and having drinks in very crowded bars.

Another very popular location on the lake is Riva del Garda which is located at the northern end and is a pleasant tourist destination. The city is large enough, has a market and many shops, although it is mostly full of ice cream parlors, bars and restaurants just to satisfy the huge influx of tourists. The shores of the lake are dominated by one of the Garda fortresses, the Rocca, which also contains the city museum. It is a wooded area with a slope on which ruined towers rise that emerge from the trees and are the object of temptation for exploratory tourists. To the north of Riva del Garda you can go on excursions on foot or by car to some of the most spectacular landscapes in the region. This includes the Varone waterfall, the remains of a Bronze Age settlement at Lake Ledro, the cliffs and fortifications of Castello d’Arco.

On the western shore we find the town of Gardone Riviera which is very touristy and offers the opportunity to take a nice walk on the shores of the lake surrounded by lawns and benches. In this location there are two major tourist attractions the house of Gabriele d’Annunzio and the quirky tropical house of Andre Heller now a large botanical garden.

Lake Garda and the surrounding area gives the visitor many opportunities to enjoy and experience great emotions, thanks to the amusement parks it boasts.

Malcesine is a very nice little town, with a joyful atmosphere thanks to the tourists who flock to it. The city is located on the eastern shore of the lake and is very charming for its historic alleys, surrounded by a clean and elegant environment. Among the major attractions we find a castle open to the public with large towers, with mountain slopes on the back side where there is a cable car that leads up to the grassy summit of Monte Baldo, where the air you breathe is wonderful not to mention the view. that comes into view.
Hikers can climb upwards while the lazy ones return to Malcesine to visit the souvenir shops or enjoy a good ice cream.

In the amusement area you can choose the famous Gardaland, the first amusement park in Italy, or the thematic one dedicated to the world of cinema and special effects; while for those who love the emotions of the past you can attend the medieval show at the Medieval Times with duels between knights. Finally, for those who prefer a holiday on Lake Garda in the name of complete relaxation, there is the opportunity to visit the Natura Viva Park with many animals and large green areas. Lake Garda is the right occasion for a summer holiday and above all ideal for tourists who want to visit Trentino.