Santa Giustina Lake

Lake Santa Giustina is an artificial body of water located in the central area of the Val di Non, near the town of Cles.

The basin is the largest artificial lake in the whole of Trentino as well as the one with the greatest v

volume of water: we are talking about 182 million cubic meters of water, which are used to operate the turbines of the underground Taio power plant.
The waters of the lake come mainly from the nearby Noce stream.

The lake was born thanks to the construction of the imposing Santa Giustina dam, which boasts a height of 152 meters and was inaugurated in 1951; at the time of its construction it was even the highest in Europe.

The locality receives its name from the hermitage of Santa Giustina, located in a canyon at the base of the dam and reachable on foot starting from the village of Dermulo; the path foresees about an hour and a half of walking and descends along a steep path up to the ruins of the hermitage, located in a hollow in the rock.
News of the hermitage dates back to 1537, when it was the destination of processions connected to liturgical feasts or calamities, and was inhabited until the end of the 18th century.

In spite of its artificial origin, the lake is a very popular destination for tourists as it offers the possibility of numerous walks in the surrounding areas as well as taking advantage of a little relaxation: in fact, in the south-west area of the lake, in fact, it has recently been set up. a large and well-equipped green area that will allow you to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

It is also famous for excursions by canoe or kayak in the nearby Canyon that from the Novella gorges takes us to Lake Santa Giustina via the Rio Novella river, a quiet and suitable for everyone, but very suggestive route.

On the shores of Lake Santa Giustina there is also the fascinating Castle of Cles, built by the homonymous family whose most famous exponent was undoubtedly Bernardo Clesio.
The Cles plateau is also located near the lake, the capital of the valley and an important commercial and agricultural center.