Serraia and Delle Piazze Lakes

The two lakes of Serraia and Piazze are located on the Pinè plateau, a short distance from each other, near the town of Baselga.

The Serraia lake is located inside a basin carved out by ancient glaciers 15,000 years ago.
During the last glaciation, in fact, a glacier crossed the area for millennia, helping to level the ground. When the glaciation ended, the waters formed a lake the size of the entire Pinè Plateau; what currently remains of this original water basin are precisely the two lakes of Serraia and Piazze.
Since 1987, the northern end of the lake has been classified as a biotope “Paludi di Sternigo”, that is, a natural oasis protected by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The Serraia lake it constitutes the main tourist attraction of the municipality of Baselga di Pinè, as it attracts many tourists both in summer and in winter; if in the warmer season the place invites you to take walks along its banks, in winter the Serraia lake hosts ice skating activities along its frozen surface or cross-country skiing to be practiced on the shore.

The shape of the lake is traditionally associated with that of a drop of water.

However, for some years now, the lake has been affected by an eutrophication problem: that is, due to the lack of oxygen in the water, algae have appeared. To stem the phenomenon, an experimental oxygenation plant was built in 2006, the results of which will be appreciated in the coming years.

The Lago delle Piazze is the “brother” of the most visited lake of Serraia, and is located upstream; located between the slopes of Ceramonte and Dosso di Costalta, the lake it is especially appreciated during the summer season by lovers of water sports (such as fishing, dragon boat and windsurfing) and of the open air, which the large surrounding meadows allow to take full advantage of.