Smeraldo Lake

The Emerald Lake It is a pearl of the Alta Val di Non, near the center of the village of Fondo.

That of Smeraldo is one of the best known and most appreciated artificial basins in the whole of Trentino. With an area of over 10 thousand square meters, the stretch of water has increased the already great beauty of the alpine environment that surrounds it, constituting a real jewel set among the nearby mountains.

The name is in fact evocative of the color that the waters reach during the summer, a season in which the conifers are reflected by the lake and give it truly inimitable shades.

Built in 1965 through the barrier of the Rio Fondo, it also has a small beach dedicated to bathers or to those who simply want to sunbathe enjoying the panorama offered by the splendid alpine setting.

The Emerald Lake, given its enchanting position and its distance from any city center, is a beautiful place where you can take advantage of the relaxation that everyday life often does not allow to reach.

Although the lake is easily accessible by car, it is through the promenade that connects it to the village of Fondo that the spectacular surrounding environment is able to give its best.

In fact, there is an enchanting pedestrian path called the Burrone walk, or valley of the Molini, created in the gorge carved by the Rio Sass. This canyon covers a total height difference of 145 meters, which can be covered with the help of an expert guide and the help of a total of 348 steps.
This suggestive walk is full of rock concretions, fossils and algae, and is equipped with walkways and lights that allow it to be used even at night. Along the walk it is also possible to observe constructions such as a period wash house, a Roman bridge and the reconstruction of an ancient mill; all this allows you to enjoy a truly unique and unusual experience for an area like Trentino.

However, the Rio Sass Canyon is not the only path available to reach the lake: other paths lead to the Madonna Brusada, to the doss di Sedruna or to the enchanting view that can be admired from the Botanical Garden in less than twenty minutes. I walk.

In the winter months, when the temperature drops and the lake is no longer suitable for swimming, the surface freezes, transforming the stretch of water into a beautiful and natural open-air skating rink.