Passo Lavazè

Overlooking the Val di Fiemme, with its postcard landscapes, Passo Lavazè (1808m asl), a central destination for winter activities and excursions.

The whole area, including also Cima Rocca, Corno Bianco and Corno Nero, offer a picturesque landscape and an environment that is certainly interesting. The area is known for cross-country skiing, with slopes starting from 1,700 meters above sea level with gradients of over 200 meters, but also offers downhill slopes and a snow park with toboggan, bobsleigh and rubber dinghy runs, and the convenient tapis roulant service. . With modern chairlifts and a good snowmaking system it ensures excellent and prolonged skiing. Nearby are further services, including the ski school, the ski club and the rental of sports equipment.

There are 80 kilometers of trails that make up the Passo Lavazé ski resort, whose slopes are wide and well managed by a group of professionals. The facilities of the ski area, which offer excellent customer service, have changing rooms with showers, equipment maintenance services and a large car park that can accommodate up to two thousand cars.

The Passo Lavazé ski slopes extend over an area of over 60 km, divided into four slopes for beginners, seven of medium difficulty and three for experts, including particularly steep. Splendidly equipped with trails for cross-country skiing, it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Dolomites, with the possibility of excursions in all seasons.

It is said that sometimes, in winter, above the woods of the Lavazé plateau, it is possible to admire a spectacle similar to the Northern Lights. The suggestion of the landscape with Scandinavian features and colors, with dense forests of white firs and Swiss pines, rediscovers its Dolomite connotation thanks to the sun that warms and caresses the woods. In spring and summer, Passo Lavazé becomes a destination for families, for couples looking for romantic walks in the woods, for those looking for an undemanding walk surrounded by nature.

From the Pass you can follow two paths, both easy, one of which is also suitable for strollers. Both lead to a hut equipped for both children and adults. You can choose the path that leads to the famous Malga Ora, surrounded by majestic spruce trees not so high as to block the view of the Scilliar.

When the path crosses the forest for a while it is particularly narrow, but not very steep and very pleasant. Those who bring strollers may have some difficulties in case of unspotted snow, but the path is in any case practicable. On returning from Malga Ora you can decide to retrace the path in the woods or take the road, with little traffic and slightly uphill.
The second route leads to the Malga Costa.

Between the two it is certainly the most silent and the one that allows a true immersion in nature. Perfect for a romantic walk, a trip with children to introduce the forest and the intensity of the silence of the mountain, or a more sporty but always undemanding walk, because the path is almost completely flat. In winter the landscape is candidly covered in snow and a decidedly fairytale atmosphere is created in the woods.

Since July, the wooded area is often visited by mycology enthusiasts who wander among the pines in search of some beautiful specimen to photograph. In fact, the area has a vegetation favorable to the growth of many species of mushrooms, including edible ones. If you want to collect some nice porcini or fresh chanterelles, you can do so by paying a small collection fee at the tourist office.

It is important to know the area is located on the border between Alto Adige and Trentino, (between the val di Fiemme in Trentino, and the val d’Ega in the province of Bolzano) which have two different mushroom-picking regulations, so it is good to be careful to return to the wooded area of competence to avoid incurring penalties.